Hi, I’m Donna Sozio and I’ve been a professional book coach for over a decade.

I’m on a mission to help first-time writers write a book that sells on the first try. How? By giving first-time authors the publishing industry insider information they need to write a book that literary agents and publishers will love.

This insider information has the power to shift from being a frustrated writer into a successful author!

As the creator of I offer private book coaching sessions and a Masterclass on Teachable that is designed to help first-time authors write a book that sells on the first try.

You might be wondering how a book coach helps writers?
And if you need a book coach?

But first I want to share with you what really bothers me about most book coaches and even creative writing classes. (Excuse me while I gripe for a moment!)

Too many clients come to me after spending thousands of dollars on creative writing classes - but their manuscripts are rejected. These first-time writers have dreams of becoming professional authors - but the creative writing classes they took didn't teach them how to write a book that publishing industry wants. These classes put creativity above established rules of the publishing industry.

Almost every client I worked with wrote a book filled with first-time author mistakes. Does that make them less of a write? Absolutely not! But it 100% hurts their chances of getting published.

Even the most talented writers won’t get published if they  make the typical first-time author mistakes. Literary agents and publishers don't have the time to find a diamond in the rough. 

That's where I step in as a book coach.


The good news is that it doesn't take too much time to learn how to write a book that sells on the first try. Often it's just a simple shift of perspective. 

It's my job as a book coach to make sure that you don't submit a manuscript that isn't ready - or that has first-time author mistakes. Work with me to learn how to write a book that literary agents, publishers, and the media will love.

Are you wondering if hiring a book coach is for you? Contact me for a complimentary 15-minute session where we'll talk about your book and how I can help you. 

Get the Masterclass E-Course on what to do before you write your book! 

Or follow this link to my Masterclass: BEFORE YOU WRITE YOUR BOOK on Teachable. This is a great way for every writer to learn how to set up your book for success - before you even write one word. 

I suggest taking this Masterclass before working with me as a book coach. It will get you up to speed and will save you money and time. 


How did I become a book coach?

As a journalist in my 20s I worked a journalist. I learned how to pitch editors to get stories placed in international magazines. I was flown all over the world to cover top sporting events, and interview celebrity athletes like Shaun White.

Then in my 30s I went into book publishing. Because I already knew how to pitch editors - I applied the same techniques to writing my book proposal and querying literary agents - and I got fast results. 

  • I received multiple offers from top literary agents multiple times.
  • I sold my first book to a major publisher in three weeks.
  • I sold the TV/film rights to my second book The Man Whisperer before I finished writing it.
  • I appeared on, wrote for and/or been featured in over 200 major national media outlets including The Tyra Banks Show, The Early Show, GMTV, Good Day LA, and more.

Friends started asking me how I got my book published on the first try. And how I got a TV/FILM option with the same production company who produces American Idol (Fremantle) before I even finished writing it.

I learned that what came intuitively to me on how to approach literary agents and publishers – was not intuitive to other writes.

I also learned that what I knew could be taught. 

That is when I became a book coach.

The truth is that the publishing industry is pretty unforgiving. And I became tired of seeing worthy books being rejected in the publishing industry just because they had first-time authors mistakes.

That's why I'm here as a book coach. Sometimes just it's just one session that can turn a frustrated writer into a successful author. 

Is book coaching right for you? 

  • Do you have a  great idea for a book but you don't know where to begin? 
  • Do you have a half-finished book and are confused about next steps? 
  • Does the publishing industry feel intimidating and you don't want to get rejected? 
  • Are you lost in editing your manuscript? 

If you answered YES to even one of these questions - then book coaching is for you! 


I would be honored to be your book coach and help you reach your book's highest potential. Email me at: [email protected]