A respected author, book coach, luxury travel writer, and copywriter,
Donna Sozio writes
material that gets the press and praise it deserves.


Emmy and Oscar award-winning writers have sought out
Donna Sozio's publishing advice.

A full-time career writer with over 20-years’ experience in the publishing, media, and film industry, Donna’s advice turns frustrated writers into successful authors.

She founded WriteABetterBookInLessTime.com to help first-time authors get their books published on the first try.

Clients’ books have been published by Adams Media, Allen & Unwin, Three Rivers Press, HCI, and more. Clients have received many awards and recognitions including the LA Times Bestseller List, Borders Books’ James Patterson Thriller Competition, and National Indie Excellence Awards.  Clients have been featured on /in E!, The Today Show, Fox News, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, KTLA, and more.

Personally, Donna received multiple offers from top literary agents multiple times, sold her first book to a major publisher in three weeks, sold the TV/film rights to her second book The Man Whisperer before she finished writing it. She's been featured on/in over 200 major national media outlets including The Tyra Banks Show, The Early Show, GMTV, Good Day LA, and Fox News. Donna loves speaking on panels, including the Black Hollywood Film Festival, The Independent Book Publishers Association, PR Stars, and more to share her publishing and media tactics.


"Donna knows what it takes to go from a blank page to sell your book.
She's an insightful book coach and the ally you need to get published."
-Becca Topol, Series Developer / Co-Producer
Disney Junior's Animated Series Mira Royal Detective 


Donna’s hit books The Man Whisperer (Simon & Schuster) and Never Trust a Man in Alligator Loafers (Kensington), made Amazon.com bestseller lists in the US and UK and have been featured in/on over 200 international media outlets including: MSN Video, the Tyra Banks Show, Early Show, Fox News, Good Day LA, GMTV, Seventeen Magazine, Yahoo! Personals, Match.com, Lavalife.com, The New York Post, The Washington Post, Globe and Mail, Allure, The Sun, Fox.com, and many more.

In The Man Whisperer, Donna shares a feminine communication technique that puts an end to the battle of the sexes. The Man Whisperer landed her a lucrative TV/Film option with Fremantle and was translated into German, Portuguese, Turkish & Czech. It was also endorsed by John Gray famed author of the Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus series. 


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For over 24 years and counting, she penned 80+ feature articles including celebrity interviews, destination reports, features, and guest contributor editorial pieces for JWM Magazine, 5280 Magazine, MSN.com, ThePlumOnline.com, TheCultureTrip.com, OrganicAuthority.com, The Argonaut, and more. Celebrity interviews include Mandy Moore, Jillian Michaels, Printz Board, and more.

"Donna has been a wonderful, loyal freelancer and friend. She is constantly on the hunt for story ideas for me (I edit a site called The Plum) and has embraced the mission of my publication as if it were her own. In addition to being a skilled reporter and writer, her infectious spirit makes her a complete joy to work with."
-Didi Gluck, VP Editorial Content Leader at MANIFEST LLC



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Clients include Sunset Magazine, Lexus R.S.V.P., Florida’s Natural, American Photographer’s Association, Image Mechanics celebrity photographer Michael Grecco, Emmy-Award-winner director Mark W. Travis, and others. Peerless Faucets, VEQTOR Solutions, and more.

"Donna draws you in and inspires. Donna and I collaborate on technical sales and marketing brochures, social media, presentations and publications promoting engineering and technical consulting services. She is able to take complex technical concepts which she then researches in-depth: her delivery is modern, on-trend with company message, and presents technical information in a way that encourages you to keep reading and wanting to know more. She is a delight in personality and a true team-player. She offers suggestions that make an important message extraordinary in its delivered form. Creative, inventive, motivating."
-Jodi D'Andrea, OEM/CM Quality Engineer at Stryker